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22 Oct
The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme is now open for nomination!
12 Nov
"Short-Film Go!" Contest
0117-112101_Meet the Artist 2013-07
22 Jan
Meet-the-Artist: Jaffa Lam [ FULL ]
0122-114307_Meet the Artist 2013-24-07
22 Jan
Meet-the-Artist: Discover Cantopera at Yau Ma Tei Theatre [ FULL ]
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18 Jan
Welcome to join the family of the AAiSS!
22 Feb
Creative Arts Workshop - register now!
28 Feb
Cultural Leadership Youth Camp [CLOSED]
0312-181538_0117-112101_Meet the Artist 2013-07_x
28 Mar
Meet-the-Artist: Koon Wai Bong [FULL]