Meet-the-Artist: Discover Cantopera at Yau Ma Tei Theatre [ FULL ]
22 Jan
Meet the Artists

“Meet the Artists” allows the arts ambassadors to talk to different local artists face to face to appreciate the artists’ artwork and learn their interesting stories behind.

Discover Cantopera at Yau Ma Tei Theatre
A Taste of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Do you want to know how the Cantonese opera artists apply makeup? Do you want to meet them and watch a Cantopera closely?You can’t miss the “Experience Cantopera: A Taste of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage”!

Cantonese Opera was officially inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. Yau Ma Tei Theatre is entitled as the Grade II historic buildings in Hong Kong.

“Experience Cantopera: A Taste of Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage”, created and directed by veteran Cantonese opera artist Law Ka-ying, is a fascinating program tailor-made for newcomers to taste the essence of Cantonese opera. Audiences will experience the unique music and vocal style of Cantonese opera and learn to appreciate the poetic and symbolic meanings of movements and gestures of this traditional art form. Audiences will also have the chance to meet and exchange with the performing artists and take photos with them!
Stealing the Magical Herb from The Legend of the White Snake
Cantonese Opera "Zhongkui"
Programme Details:
  • Video screening (introducing the history and development of Cantopera, its unique operatic style, demonstration of Cantopera make up, works of the Association in promoting Cantonese opera and the Venue Partnership Scheme)
  • Demonstration: Martial art movement of Cantopera
  • Excerpt performance of Cantopera
  • Meet the artists: Audiences will interact and exchange with the performing artists


The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong:


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Date: 1 February 2013 (Fri)
Time: 5:00 - 6:45 PM
Venue: Yau Ma Tei Theatre
6 Waterloo Road, Kowloon
Quota: 10 Ambassadors 
(Priority will be given to 5th Arts Ambassadors)


This session is conducted in Cantonese and English. Performance in Chinese and English subtitles.

Interested Arts Ambassadors please click the button “Join” below for registration. An email confirmation with activity details will be sent to ambassadors.

Deadline of registration: 28 Jan 2013

[ The event is full. Thank you! ]