Performing Arts Workshop Advanced Series [FULL]
24 May

The “Performing Arts Workshop Advanced Series” will be held on 15th and 16th July this year. All Arts Ambassadors (Secondary Schools) are welcome to join the programme (Priority will be given to 5th Arts Ambassadors).We will have 5 different workshops on each day and the quota of each workshop is limited. Please rank them in order of your preference, i.e. 1 for 1st choice and 2 for 2nd choice etc. For those students enrolled successfully will receive the workshop details and activity reminder via email. The enrolled result will also be posted in the AAiSS website in early July.


Audio Workshop
This workshop offers demonstration in both theoretical and practical aspects on basic sound systems. Arts Ambassadors will learn different components of a sound and recording system, such as the mixing console, speakers, and equalizer etc. They will be introduced to the production process of a performance, and learn how to bring about the best sound effect.
Instructor: Matthew Ma Language: Cantonese
Time: 10:00-17:30 Quota: 20
Venue: HKAPA Bethanie Campus
(139 Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong)
(B) Lighting Workshop
This workshop will go through elementary theories of lighting. Under the guidance of the experienced instructor, Arts Ambassadors will have the opportunity to produce a mini-performance with lighting equipment in the Academy’s lighting workshop.
Instructor: Lau Ming Hang Language: Cantonese
Time: 10:00-17:30 Quota: 20
Venue: HKAPA Wan Chai Campus    

(C) Stage Make-up & Special Effects Workshop
This workshop focuses on the special and unique skills and knowledge on stage make-up. Arts Ambassadors will learn the basic concept and techniques of stage make-up. The instructor will reveal his secret recipe and share the cases and examples of different technique requirements for different performing art forms.

Instructor: Chan Ming Long Language: Cantonese
Time: 10:00-17:30 Quota: 20
Venue: HKAPA Wan Chai campus    

(D) Voice and Physical Movement Workshop
Voice and rhythm are the imaginative elements and can be creative. Relevant voice training enhances performers to explore their physical and sensory sensitivities.  Through exercises and games on voice, rhythm and physical coordination, and the interaction with space and others, Arts Ambassadors will learn the integration of body and voice in performance.

Instructor: Julia Mok Language: Cantonese
Time: 14:00-18:00 Quota: 25
Venue: HKAPA Wan Chai campus    
(E) Mime and Physical Theatre Workshop
This workshop is designed to introduce the basic concepts of the arts of Mime and Physical Theatre, such as movement grammar, fix points, and the use of space. Through theatre exercise, it strengthens the Arts Ambassadors’ knowledge in Mime, Physical Theatre and bodily performance.

Instructor: Wong Chun Tat Language: Cantonese
Time: 09:30-13:30 Quota: 25
Venue: HKAPA Wan Chai campus    

Registration deadline: 17 June 2013
[ The event is full. Thank you! ]