Taipei Arts & Culture Tour [CLOSED]
18 Jun

Boasting a booming arts and cultural scene in recent years, Taiwan has blended sound arts and cultural policies and heritage preservation with the concerted efforts of the government and community bodies to set a good example for many others to follow. With a view to learn from the Taiwan experience, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council will bring the Arts Ambassadors-in-School across the Strait in December, on a five-day ‘Taipei Arts & Culture Tour’ to broaden their cultural vistas by getting to know, understand, appreciate and experience the vibes of cultural Taipei. All Arts Ambassadors studying in S4 - S6 in 2013/14 are welcome to apply!
Not only will participants meet their kindred spirits from different schools, the tour will also allow them to bring their passion for the arts in the world into visits to Taiwan’s arts groups and organisations, cultural facilities and exhibitions, where they will acquire a deeper understanding of local arts and culture. In addition to taking part in hands-on workshops, Arts Ambassadors will also meet face-to-face with local artists and arts administrators and learn from their wisdom. The tentative itinerary includes visits to:
The Red House
A stroll through museums: feasting on visual arts
‘Taipei Arts & Culture Tour’ is a great opportunity to sample the diversity of Taiwanese visual arts. Participants will visit the Juming Museum, the largest outdoor museum in Taiwan; Taipei Fine Arts Museum, organiser and curator of the Taipei Biennial, the Taiwan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and a host of international exhibitions; Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MoCA), the first museum in Taiwan dedicated exclusively to contemporary art, situated in a converted historical building which shares the same architecture with a secondary school at the heart of the community.
Revitalise and preserve: blending history, art and life
With its ‘Adaptive Reuse of Deserted Spaces’ scheme going full steam ahead, Taiwan has in recent years gained a strong reputation in converting historical buildings into arts and cultural facilities, such as The Red House, Treasure Hill Artist Village, SPOT – Taipei Film House, creating new vibrant, exciting environments that fuse art and life in the spirit of cultural revitalisation and preservation.
The Treasure Hill Artist Village
Cultural and creative industries: nurturing creativity and igniting new ideas
Taiwan is dedicated to the preservation of its cultural assets and their development into creative industries. Not only did the tourism and economic sectors receive a big boost from these Indigenous creative industries, many sunset industries and declining communities also found themselves a new lifeline. Visits will be made to the Ri Xing Type Foundry and Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
Succession and continuance: blowing the trumpet for traditional arts and culture
All over the world, traditional arts and crafts are losing their sheen while facing the big doubt over the succession of talent. To learn from Taiwan’s success in nurturing the next generation of audience and bringing Taiwanese traditional arts to the world stage, participants of the ‘Taipei Arts & Culture Tour’ will be given an insider’s access to the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum and the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum.
Limited Quota. Please click here for the application details and download the application form. If the response is overwhelming, ADC will invite shortlisted candidates to attend a selection interview in August. A list of successful applicants will be announced by the end of August.
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Application Deadline:6 Aug 2013 (Tuesday)
Remarks: The HKADC reserves the rights to make the final selection decision.
Huashan 1914 Creative Park  Art work in Juming Museum
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